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Mouth Mask eparated.He held the stalks sent by Ye Han, and instan. tly Mouth Mask found the two stalks that were swept out and collected them.Then quickly lurked and continued to monitor the Mouth Mask actions of the Yaozu.The 219th chapter of the king level powerhouse Ye Dan s affairs were quickly left behind by many people.Everyone was here to try the second layer of the pagoda.This space in the music notes is trying to record every note.This layer of space, very different from the first layer, is that there are few treasures here, but everyone knows that the musical notes that have been tried on the outside are the biggest treasures.Although they can t read these notes like Mouth Mask Ye Han, it doesn t prevent them from recording these notes, take them back and study them slowly.They take out various objects one by one, such as crystals, scrolls, treasures, etc.for recording, and the demon even takes out a strange leaf and can record a lot of information.However, even if Mouth Mask they have a lot of people and record a part of each, Mouth Mask they still can t keep up with the Mouth Mask speed of Ye Han s record.The average person here has bee

n suppressed by a lot of people, but Ye Han did not feel any influence.He just walked around in this space, and the spirit constantly explored the whole space.In a short time, all the space will be in the space.The note information is deeply imprinted in my m. ind.A Mouth Mask total coronavirus quizlet of 18 kinds of music below the Mouth Mask layer is coronavirus birds also eighteen arrays, this is a coincidence or another mystery Ye Han secretly Mouth Mask thinking.Suddenly, Ye do soap and glory masks relax the face Han s Mouth Mask eyes lit up and immediately took everyone to the central position of this second floor space.His spiritual knowledge swiftly swept out, and countless bloodstains around him quickly emerged, surrounded by his body, and quickly turned into a single note.The next priceline group stock moment, everyone on the scene suddenly heard that the moments when these notes emerged out of thin air, they even made their own voices.So, Ye Han painted eighteen musical scores at the same time.These 18 musical scores Mouth Mask also resounded in this Mouth Mask space at the same time.How is this possible Lan mold spore respirator Yuegu, a Lingzong warlock, couldn t help Mouth Mask but exclaim.If the spirit is strong, even if it is the spirit Mouth Mask of the king s

Mouth Mask

power, it is impossible to use 18 different music sounds at the same time.what Everyone else is also a look of a ghost. However, Ye Han did Mouth Mask not pay attention to them.As he successfully interpreted the 18 kinds of music in this space, the golden portal appeared again in front of him.Sure enough, to pass this pass, in addition to having to remember all the notes, music scores, but also to be able Mouth Mask Mouth Mask to use what was learned in the previous level, that is, using the ar.ray method to achieve at the same time to promote such a variety of music.Ye Han Smile a little. Hearing his words, everyone in the room once again saw it, and immediately understood why Ye Han had just been able to perform 18 kinds of music at the same time.It was originally used. In the eyes of some people who know the array, such as Wei Lao, Mouth Mask it is Mouth Mask like a treasure, the mouth whispered The original array can Mouth Mask also be used like this, the original music sound can actually be integrated into the array, however, Even if he uses the array, he can control so many arrays at the same time, his soul power is quite scary.At

the same time, some others who are madks still recording notes found that the music notes in this space were so dim that as Ye Han played the sound of the sound, so that it was almost invisible and difficult to record.This makes a lot of people with slow hands and feet very dissatisfied, because they Mouth Mask can t complete best face masks of all time the scores at all.With the Mouth Mask people behind them greeted each other, they stepped into the golden portal together.The second level, customs clearance Seeing their figure disappeared quickly in the Mouth Mask golden portal, on the side of the Yaozu, Mo Yu first responded, and Mouth Mask immediately the opponent ordered Come on The group demon immediately face masks east asia rushed up, followed by Mo Yu quickl.y how long is a face mask good for Mouth Mask entered the golden portal. Let s go and see, Ye Hao said to other people.The music thing, when you go back and trade each other, you should still be able to get together.So, other people will follow him when to put face mask through the golden portal and enter the third floor of the pagoda.This Mouth Mask layer is much more dangerous than the second Mouth Mask layer, because Ye Han has just suffered a sudden attack when they just stepped into this l

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