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Masks he eyes of everyone, Wei Wei also picked up the bright rose.Many people who admired the Miss Masks Xuan Masks Xuan suddenly broke their hearts, and their faces were unrecognizable.However, Bei Mingchuan s face is a bright smile, which seems quite self satisfied.In this western region of the Purple Dragonfly Dynasty, whoever has seen such a beautiful ice and snow mountain river and Masks someone who has seen such a bright and beautiful rose and his own true confession, Bei Mingchuan believes that as long as it is a Masks woman, it will be touched by himself.Sure enough, success However, just as he was about to stand up and hold Wei s hand, suddenly call out A slight break in the air came to the north and I couldn t help but see it.Everyone saw it suddenly, Wei Wei even waved his hand, and Masks the rose suddenly flew out and was directly tied to the mountain river carving under the foot of Bei moment This beautiful ice sculpture is directly fragmented Bei Mingchuan, who was standing on it, was inadvertently, and even directly fell down, which directly reduced his hurricane.Seeing th

is scene, Ye Hanyu. lived, and all the people around Xiangzhou City were all stunned.Chapter 332 Assassin Bei Mingchuan quickly showed his body, which stopped the ugly state of being planted, Masks but he stayed at Wei Wei, and his head could not turn around.Wei Wei just glanced at him faintly and said I m sorry, Bei Ming Gongzi, I 3m 300 95 mask Masks am afraid of cold, I see things like ice, I can t help but swear, I have failed you.The son won t blame me. It was Masks said that many people around me had come n95certified respirator back to the scene, and the Masks scene was Masks in a state of paralysis.OK This is the personality of Miss Xuanyuan. Hey, this big man in the northern region can t play in our western 3m 6900 mask parts diagram region.Many people laughed, and even Ye Han couldn t help but smile.My heart said This guy is not forced to do 3m 5200 paint mask it, but instead becomes stupid.Listening to these sounds around, Bei Mingchuan s face was even more gloomy.When can u do face masks when on acne med he was once so Masks angry with him, he thought of the purpose of the trip, but he had to hold back the anger in his heart, and his face quickly smiled.He tried his best to maintain his own demeanor. As if the


person who was just embarrassed was someone else, he said to Wei Wei Is Sichuan not thinking about it.If you don t know the lady s preferences beforehand, how can you blame the lady Sorry, I think of it below.There are still Masks some. important things that need to be dealt with, so don t go over it, and visit Miss Yu again Masks on Masks the next day.Please, please. Wei Wei s smile on his face was a bit stronger.Bei Mingchuan suddenly became a big man, and quickly and quickly left his hand with his men.Seeing the appearance of his departure, many people could not help but laugh.Ye Han even noticed Masks that there were some other well dressed people in the crowd.The young men who were quite outstanding were hesitant, and Masks eventually they did not dare to come out and quietly retreat.Seeing this, Masks Ye Han couldn t help but grin, and couldn t help but look at Wei Wei again.He said Although this girl is indeed very beautiful, it seems that there are not so many people in the world who are mad at her.The smoky scorpion did not cause such a big reaction.He couldn t Masks help but speculate. Perhaps, in

addition to trying to Masks chase this Wei Wei, these people have other incidental purposes.Let s go, Xiao Hanzi, let s go back to Lingbi Palace.At this time, Wei Wei s voice made Ye Han come back osha respirator medical evaluation to God, but this way Masks he listened to how he felt awkward and felt like an eunuch.Serving a infant surgical mask noble lady At this how to make face mask with food gelatin and charcoal hyperaligentic dust mask time, suddenly, Wei Wei Liu Mei was vertical and angry There are still people who dare Masks to come Ye Han immediately Masks looked ahead, and immediat.ely found out that there was a Masks man in front, with four strong followers holding a large bouquet of flowers, walking towards them.Unexpectedly, Bei Mingchuan has not gone far, but some people are how to wear disposable mask properly not afraid of death to entangle.Looking at each other step by step, Wei Wei s biting his teeth, apparently thinking about what big move.Ye Han also hopes that she will quickly drive these guys away and waste their time here.Hurry to find a way to lift the poisonous spirit, he has to hurry to meet other people, and then find Su Zizhen.However, just as the man Masks in front walked forward, Ye Han heard someone in the crowd groaning Hey, this guy is

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