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Gloves turned their attention away from Bronze Baoding and turned to Gloves the strange Thundercloud.In a flash, they all took a sigh of relief. This is actually a robbery cloud.The robbery cloud is not a very Gloves rare class powerhouse that will fight against the sky.Will it appear when it breaks through to the king level No, this is Gloves not a thunder of the king s power, but a robbery in the Gloves legend.Whether it is Cangshengguan or Cangshengguan, everyone recognizes the thundercloud in the air is a rare robbery cloud, one by one exclaimed.I have seen it from ancient books. It seems that it is a treasure of four grades.It is possible to recruit a robber. In this way, the thirteenth predecessor of the thirteenth has obtained a large amount of precious materials from the hands of the major forces, for the sake of refining.He retired this two months, it was originally for the refining, and even refining a four grade treasure.In the sky, Ye Gloves Han quietly looked at the thunderclouds in the air, did not pay attention to the discussion of the people below, and did not care about the teasing of the Thunder.He knows that this robbery i. s very crucial now.If the Gloves bronze treasure is suppo

rted, the quality will be able to rise to the next level.If it can t be sustained, then it will eventually vanish.He spent two months, energy Gloves Gloves and invested a lot. The precious materials are in vain boom At this time, a lightning throwing, such as a thicker landing, fell Gloves directly on the Bronze Baoding.Ye Han did not stop, just watching it quietly. If 3m 9332 anti pollution mask amazon Bronze Baoding could not stop the robbery of this device, it would prove that it would not work at all.Even if Ye Han shot, this robbery would not be enough.The thunder and lightning fell on the top of Baoding, Baoding directly issued a Gloves low sound, and Raytheon yearly respirator accidents madly jumped on its surface.Baoding issued a dragon scorpion, and the nine faint dragon shaped virtual shadows flew la city n95 mask distribution out on the tripod.Surrounded by the body of Gloves Baoding, Baoding suddenly became as solemn and sacred as the boulevard.what Ye Han was shocked, because he found that after the appearance of the nine king of the hill full mask respirator dragon shadows, it was like the power of lightning.Boom , Boom and Boom The thunderclouds in the Gloves air seemed to be so angry best fume respirator mask that they did not destroy Baoding.They suddenly landed three thunders and tried to destroy them completely.Ye Han Gloves still did


not intervene, because he found that Bao Ding was like a child with this time, very happy. Swimming in Kowloon, happily absorbing lightning between the heavens and Gloves the earth.And Ye Han was also surprised to find that after the absorption Gloves of thunder and lightning by Jiu Dao Long Ying, the grade of Bao Ding is slowly improving and is quietly changing.Thousands of miles of thunderclouds are really angry, and they can Gloves t return this artifact, and the other party happily absorbs themselves.Hundreds of thunder and lightning landed at the same Gloves time, just like the thunder of the general, the endless thunder will suddenly submerge Baoding, including Ye Han.His Royal Highness On the gate of Cangsheng Guancheng, Lin Zhirong and others rushed up.Gao Tianzi and Lei Wei could not help but rushed up, but they were stopped by Xuanwei.The Gloves robbers can only rely on the forgers of utensils and utensils to pass by, otherwise others will only enhance the power of the robbery, can not help him, but will harm him and harm him, Xuan Wei said.Did you die Some people Gloves who hate Ye Han, at this moment, have their eyes shining.It Gloves is a pity that when the light is scattered

and the figure is revealed, Gloves Ye Han is almost unharmed.His black hair fluttered, as if the lightning did not touch the body, and the supernatural power Gloves in the air.And Bao Ding in front of him not only. was not destroyed, but the power was even stronger.Haha, very good, come again Ye Han Gloves laughed loudly in the air, and his voice spread across the crowd and shocked people.And Bronze Baoding seems to cater to the words of Ye Han, and it is a kind of power to Gloves suppress the world.Ye Han was uplifted at this time, and he found that his enrichment under the baptism of Tianlei What excites him even more n100 dust mask from 3m is that mold mask walmart when he runs the Emperor, he can absorb some of the power of lightning.The power of these thunder and lightning is hidden child aprons wholesale in his muscles, which makes Gloves him feel full of explosive power.Even Gloves the blood power that is suppressed by fluid mask 3 review Tianwei in the body has been melted with the power of this molbe 2949 r95 dust mask thunder and is integrated into him.All over the body At Gloves this moment, there is only one thought in his heart, that is, t

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