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Facemask d.Chapter 322 is forcing a strong enemy Especially the Peng nationality Facemask who is attached to the soul of the soul, even defeated so simply, suddenly stayed at the place where the people, the Yao In addition, everyone felt the breath of this person, and the name that made them feel the trepidation naturally emerged in their minds.King power Yes, only Facemask the king level powerhouse can easily defeat a demon who has the power of the demon.king temporarily, and only the king level powerhouse has such an amazing breath.On Facemask the human side, many people are excited. Because this sudden king level powerhouse Facemask is a person, and he is still shooting against the Yaozu at this moment, that is, he is a human race.As for the Yaozu side, they suddenly felt their heart sinking, and there was a feeling of bad feelings.No Facemask matter what the mood of the people at the moment, they couldn t help but look up and look at the sudden emergence Facemask of the king level powerhouse.In particular, some of the strong players who have reached the ranks and nine levels, such as the virtual volley, Facemask want to see, which is the king level powerhouse.This is a middle aged man, dressed in a white loose robes,

Facemask just Facemask like coming out of the clouds, giving a feeling of ethereality.However, what makes the vain emptiness is that he does not even know the king level powerhouse.Not only him, but Niu Shan, Ye Hao, Chen Sizhen and others, all of them have no impression of why do people wear face masks this king level powerhouse.This is absolutely an incredible thing. You must know that the king level Facemask powerhouse is one of the top figures in the Purple Dragonfly Dynasty, and the presence of these 3m 8233 n100 particulate respirator mask with valve sku 408233 forces is basically one of the few forces in the Purple Dragonfly Dynasty.Their vision, not to Facemask know all t. he king i26 hyperimmune egg and coronavirus level powerhouses, but at least basically recognize them.In particular, the main hall of the battle hall Niu Shan, the four emperor Ye Hao, and the virtual master of the Facemask virtual cloud villa.At this moment, this Facemask sudden emergence cotton candy colored respirator mask of the king level powerhouse, they actually do not know, which makes them not surprised Is it true that the king level powerhouse who just broke through has naturally emerged such a conjecture.For a time, Facemask many people could not help but admire. The rank level n95 breathing apparatus powerhouse, who can break through to the king level powerhouse, is absolutely nothing, otherwise the rank level p


owerhouse among the Terran will not be so rare.Only Ye Hao can vaguely guess that this king level powerhouse, I am afraid that it has a lot to do with the heavy Xuanta, and the heart is even more embarrassing and helpless for Ye Han.The middle aged man in white robe who appeared here at Facemask the moment is the guardian of the Xuantai.Fang Cai Ye Han is really no way, only let him help.Just when everyone guessed again and again, Xuan Wei never stopped Facemask his movements.He was in front of everyone, and suddenly he was the first to attack the Peng spirit who Facemask was the first to attack the soul.I grabbed it back. The Peng strong man was so scared that the plumage was upside down.The king s soul. on his body had not dissipated, and he was immediately urged to break free from the other s bondage.However, his struggles were only Facemask in vain. Just before everyone had reacted from the shock of the king level powerhouse, Xuanwei just grabbed it and suddenly gave him the soul of the king.Caught out condensation Xuanwei mouth sighed softly, and as the surrounding energy suddenly trembled, he took a group Facemask of souls in his palm Facemask and turned him into a black bead.I was able to condense

the soul of the king into a bead.The virtual dust mask grades volley could not help but blink. This is Facemask where to apply different face masks definitely not Facemask the power that the first level of the king can have.Hearing the sound of Facemask his exclamation, everyone else woke up.At this moment, they realized that it was wrong to think that it was a strong person who had just broken coronavirus investors through to become a king.So, they can t 200 kn to usd help but think of it, since this is not a king level powerhouse who just broke through, then why didn t they even know him The only thing still calm Facemask in the Facemask field is that it is only cold.Ye Han fluttered forward and bowed Facemask respectfully to Xuan Wei.Thank you Facemask for your help. You re insecticide respirator welcome, Xuan Wei Facemask said faintly.If it weren t for you, I still don t know how many

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